[fpc-pascal]plugin frameworks.

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Thu Jul 18 18:24:28 CEST 2002

> >I was greatly saddened when I read in one of the manuals that the
> >overlay feature had been removed...

> What you are looking for would probably be better suited by a plugin
> architecture. 


> Plugins can be implemented in a variety of ways, ranging
> from DLL's/.so's (look to LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress API functions 
> in Windows, I don't know the Linux versions for .so's)

I have no intention of buying much less programming a current version of
windows... I poked around in Borland C++ 4.51 looking for said functions
but I couldn't find them in the helpfile... There was nothing resembling
those in the Free Pascal docs either. 

> to named pipes (doable in windows and linux) to COM/COM+/DCOM 
> implementations (Windows only?).

Pipes suck... Furthermore I don't know how to be tyranical over the
child process if it had that much autonomy. 

> Look for sample plugin frameworks and see what you can find that suits 
> your needs.

What keywords should I google?

> It may be Delphi code, and may be Windows specific, but it should get 
> you thinking about methods that don't require quite the hassles and 
> dangers that TP's old overlay method brought.


Linux has more source code than my brain.

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