[fpc-pascal]FPE error inside compiler

Stefan Ziegenbalg stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Wed Jul 17 17:49:33 CEST 2002


what does "FPE error inside compiler" mean. It occurs under certain 
circumstances (if I use single's instead of double's, ...).

Does it mean "Floating point exception error ..."?

Here is a piece of code:

if SImg_DebugLevel>0 then dec(SImg_DebugLevel);

procedure SImg_New(cc:CSImg_Config; var ri:TSImg_RDImage;
     fmt:TSImg_RawFormat; nx,ny,nc:longint); { create new image }
ri.nx:=nx; ri.ny:=ny; ri.nc:=nc;
ri.xc:=0; ri.yc:=0;

The error occurs between "end;" and "procedure ...". If I insert an 
error before "procedure..." FPC shows this error and compiles to end 
(unless the error is fatal). If there is no error or an error after 
"end;" the compiler aborts with the message above.

Please contact me, if you want the full source (it is a little bit large).

Regards Stefan

mailto:stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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