[fpc-pascal]offtopic: GTK question

Vit Kavan vtech-fpc at seznam.cz
Wed Jul 3 19:43:53 CEST 2002

Hi all,

I need to draw an animation on GTK (1.2) window (let's say array[0..15] of
PGdkImage, or so), I had a problem to force GTK to redraw window,
which I solved by not calling gtk_main() and using a loop with
gtk_main_iteration and gtk_windget_queue_draw. This works, but
flickers terribly (redraws the window bkg before the image). I solved
the same problem before in Kylix by setting the "WidgetFlags_WRepaintNoErase" QT
flag. Any ideas what to do in GTK?

there are probably better places to ask, but people at #gtk IRC
channels tend to see the problem in the fact, that I don't use the proper
language (ie. C/C++) :-)))

 Thanx, VTech      mailto:vtech-fpc at seznam.cz

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