[fpc-pascal]VESA modes in fpc for win32

Victor V. Shuvalov shuvalov at mccme.ru
Thu Jan 31 15:05:41 CET 2002

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your answer!]


Thanks a lot for your help.

>>> There are several reasons
>>> a) the win32 graph unit only supports 640x480x16 colors.
>> OK, how do I use at least this mode?
> graphdriver := d4bit;
> graphmode := m640x480;

It seems to be wrong. My program with these lines reports "Invalid graphics
mode". Maybe this is the problem of my video card? It is Matrox Millenium

>>> See the docs for more info. You can use the go32v2 version of the
>>> compiler to create (Dos) programs that switch into VESA modes (using
>>> the graph unit and the method described above),
>> Surprisingly the method described above is NOT working, but
>> GraphDriver=10 helps --- which looks like nonsence, isn't it?
> Yes, because there is no graphdriver 10 available under windows...

Well, there can be a kind of misunderstanding --- GraphDriver=10 helps
ising vesa modes with go32v2 version, not win32. The nonsence is that no
other value of GraphDriver helps!!!

Hope I didn't disturb you too much with my (probably stupid) questions,

Victor V. Shuvalov

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