[fpc-pascal]VESA modes in fpc for win32

Victor V. Shuvalov shuvalov at mccme.ru
Mon Jan 28 15:27:41 CET 2002

[I'm not subscribed to this mailing list, so please send me a copy of your
answer. Thanks.]

>> but the program like
>>  .........
>>  GraphDriver:=1;
>>  GraphMode:=$103;
>>  InitGraph(GraphDriver,GraphMode,'');
>>  .........
> Hi
> Don't ask me why, but I countred the same problem and it was solved by
> setting the value of GraphDriver to 10 !?
> bye


Thanks, with go32v2 it works fine, but with win32 I get Graph Application
Window instead of normal full-screen picture in vesa mode --- why? Maybe
win32 version doesn't support vesa at all???


Victor V. Shuvalov

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