[fpc-pascal]re : two questions

Piotr Skrzypczynski ps at ar-kari.put.poznan.pl
Thu Jan 10 10:04:16 CET 2002

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> Date: 	Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:39:58 +0100
> Subject: [fpc-pascal]two questions plz help
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> Hello fpc-pascal,
>   i have two questions :
>   1. how i can write multithreaded program in free pascal ( using
>   linux unit and clone function ??? )
AFAIK you can not. Unfortunatelly, FPC in its current (stable) version is
not thread-safe - the problem is in the libraries (RTL). Or maybe I'm
wrong and the multithreading support has been recently added (in one of
the 'devel' versions ?)
>   2. how i can move program to background - i want no output from
>   program just its running in background ( to close command.com )
COMMAND.COM - do you mean a DOS (go32) program ? In the case of Linux
programs you can send a program to background running it with '&'. In DOS
if you would like to EXECute a third-party program from your own program
without any visible output you can use redirection '>' and send the output
to a file.

Piotr Skrzypczynski

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