[fpc-pascal]Serial Port programming under Linux...

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Jan 3 13:00:15 CET 2002

> o  Does LINUX support only those speeds which are pre-defined in 'serial.h',
>    or does it allow also other speeds?
> o  Does anybody have experience with ObjCOM? OnjCOM seems to be the best
>    replacement for X00-Fossil, because it adds buffering, if I understood it 
>    right. I wrote to the developer of this unit, but it seems that he is 
>    either not really interested in helping or he also has not enough 
>    experience himself...  :-/ 
> I will be very happy to receive some useful hints which really help me solving
> my little problem.

I don't know, but:
Talk to the people of www.openxp.de, they are busy with this kind of stuff.

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