[fpc-pascal]Detecting windows version within plain DOS Pascal command.com win dow

Cox, Stuart SRM:EX Stuart.Cox at gems1.gov.bc.ca
Thu Feb 28 23:59:39 CET 2002

Is there a code snippet that would allow me to detect the version of windows
that my dos box is running within?  

I've got NT4 on the machine at work and its NT reports DOS version $0005 and
my code doesn't detect windows at all using the SWAG code for detecting
Win3.1 or Win3.11.  I'm using Turbopower's opDOS for its DOSversion routine.

This OS is the only one that I've had an opportunity to check what my code
reports, so far.  I've got ME, 3.11 in enhanced mode, DR6.0 and MS6.22 to
try it out on.

I'd like to be able to detect all likely combinations and the NT thing that
manages to hide itself so well too.

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