[fpc-pascal]Unknown RT error

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Thu Feb 28 13:15:31 CET 2002

Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal]Unknown RT error

>>Hmm, my suggestion would be replacing the "reset  (BinaryFile);"
>>statement with a "reset (BinaryFile, 1)" since otherwise blockread
>>tries to read the data in chunks of 128 Bytes not single bytes,
>>e.g. BUFFERSIZE*128 bytes if I'm not mistaken.
>But on my blockread statement I'm using sizeof (Buffer) -- which is a 32K
>array of char -- to determine the block size to read from the file. I would
>assume that blockread would then only try to read 32768 bytes, correct? Or
>is that wrong...

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