[fpc-pascal]SQL Server

Fernando Lozano fsl at centroin.com.br
Sat Feb 16 02:19:59 CET 2002

Hi Marco,

> > > > > Is there a way to use FPC to connect/query to a MS SQL Server as MySQL unit?
> >
> > Why not using the FreeTDS stuff so you can make a Unit that can be released under the GPL, be provided on binary format with binary distros, and work on Linux and FreeBSD also?
> >
> > See www.freetds.org
> Free databases can compete with the commercial ones in some applications,
> but not all. If the write to read ratio increases, performance of e.g. MySQL
> and PostGreSQL detiorates, at least without additional painful tuning.

FreeTDS is *not* a database. It is a C *client API*, including ODBC and
JDBC drivers, for Sybase Adaptative Server and Microsoft SQL Server. One
that can be used on systems other than Win32. It is compatible with the
C APIs from Sybase and Microsoft.

I used FreeTDS for some projects that need data on MS SQL Server 7 and
2000 from a Linux box.

IMHO it's better for Free Pascal to support FreeTDS than the Microsoft
Plataform SDK, because you won't have license and compatibility issues.
The programmer won't loose anything, except for the hidden bugs ;-)

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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