[fpc-pascal]Re: Turbo Pascal 7 units, how?

Francisco Alcaraz Ariza francisco at ono.com
Fri Feb 8 22:36:21 CET 2002

 Dear friends,
 I have a programme that I prepared several years ago in turbopascal 7;
 finally I can be able to run it using xdos under linux, but I would like to
 improve the programme, first of all translating it to freepascal and
 then..... Nowadays I am mainly a linux user.

 The problem is that this package uses several turbo pascal 7 units and, as
 you know, the binaries units don't work in freepascal.

 My question is: are there source codes of the turbo pascal 7 units
 avalaible? or, at least, equivalent open source units? (turbo3.tpu,
 dos.tpu, cr.tpu....).

 Where can I found they?

 BTW, perhaps this question is already answered in the mailing-list archives
 but they are unreachables, a broken address?

 Thanks in advance

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