[fpc-pascal]How to call DOS BATCH file?

Aitor Santamar´┐Ża aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Tue Feb 5 10:54:56 CET 2002


An .EXE file is a intel-machine readable file, whereas a .BAT file is a COMMAND.COM-machine readable file. Therefore, you need to call the appropiate "machine" to run this program.

COMMAND /C commandline

opens the COMMAND interpreter (or machine), then executes commandline and exits.
Therefore, you should do something like:

Exec (getenv('comspec'), '/C '+MyBatchFileName);

as it is more appropiate to look for COMMAND.COM from the COMSPEC DOS variable than assuming it's at C:\

(this would work on 99% DOS machines, where the SHELL= is COMMAND.COM or compatible).


> Hello all,
> I've a problem. If I try to call DOS .exe program via Exec(...), it works fine. But
> if I try to call some batch file in the same path (this batch file calls another exe file),
> it doesn't work. It writes, that the specified file isn't name of executable or batch file
> (instead of the name of file it maybe writes the character '-' or space). The batch file
> exists, of course :-))) and can be run by hand. Location of batch file is OK too, because
> another .exe file from the same location can be run via Exec without any problem.
> I try it on Win2K, FPC 1.0.2 target Win32.
> Can anybody help me, please, correct this problem?
> Sources:
> ------------------
> testik.pp:
> -----------
> Program testik;
> uses dos;
> begin
>   Exec('d:\test.bat','');  {it would call the test.bat batch file}
>   readln;                 {wait for pressing Enter}
> end.
> d:\test.bat: (I've place it to root of D:, on other location is the same problem)
> -------------------
> d:\Simulator1.exe
> (batch calls the "simulator1.exe" file, by hand it works,via FPC doesn't)
> Thanks for your advice and wish a nice day
> Martin
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