[fpc-pascal]Re: Problems with the GRAPH Unit

Daniel GrĂ¼n daniel_gruen at web.de
Mon Feb 4 14:33:32 CET 2002


> > Assembling inigraph1
> > Linking inigraph1
> > /usr/lib/libvga.a(mouse.o): In function `ms_init':
> > mouse.o(.text+0x6b5): undefined reference to `pow'
> > inigraph1.pas(33) Warning: Error while linking
> > Closing script ppas.sh
> > 32 Lines compiled, 0.1 sec
>This looks like a bug in the svgalib you are using. Can you successfully
>compile C programs that use svgalib?

Thank you for asking. No, I tried it now but I can't. Several errors with 
"Undefined Reference". I will reinstall svgalib and try again.

Daniel Gruen

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