[fpc-pascal]FPC for AngelBase

Mark Emerson mark at angelbase.com
Mon Dec 30 21:18:14 CET 2002

To the Pascal Community:

A huge THANKS to all of you who responded to my many recent questions.  

The final decision is now made that the AngelBase(TM) kernel will be
coded (by me) in Free Pascal (FPC), rather than by someone else in C (I
hate C).  Once we have AngelBase System 1 working (based upon a small
amount of Pascal code, plus some mysterious DNA-like data), we will then
use System 1 (and a tiny bit more Pascal) to implement (in System 2) the
first AngelLanguage(TM) compiler, and then AngelBase itself (System 3
and up).  

I stopped coding in Turbo Pascal back in 1991 when I began the long
journey of creating AngelBase.  I had no idea until a few days ago about
what you all had been doing in the meantime.  I cannot possibly express
how amazed and grateful I am to see that the beautiful legacy of Turbo
Pascal has so recently come to life in a way that now overcomes all the
reasons I was forced to abandon TP so many years ago.  (One unexected
delight is the ansistrings....I had no experience with Delphi other than
hearing Philippe Kahn tell me about it when I met him in 1995.)  

After all these years of AngelBase theory, patents, expert endorsements
and piles of preliminary code (largly in AngelLanguage), but no
operational system, AngelBase (System 1) is FINALLY going to come to
life in the next few weeks.  I expect to have pretty good AngelBase
running in 6-9 months (at System 5 or so), and a product to shake the
world in Winter or Spring 2004.

In deep gratitude to all of you who have made FPC a reality,

Mark Emerson
ChiefAngel at angelbase.com

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