[fpc-pascal]Performance: Free Pascal vs GNU Pascal

Marco van de Voort Marcov at stack.nl
Sun Dec 29 19:22:24 CET 2002

> > I guess that the optimizer of VC uses more register variables. Also CSE
> > and out-of-loop moving of 'static' values are not implemented in FPC.
> No :), mainly the test is unfair :(

The shootout is pretty bad test. (the algorithms are not the same, the 
C (and other more popular languages) versions are almost all wizard 
code, with compiler and architecture specific optimizations and the 
Pascal versions don't even pass first grade criteria)

But I think focus on benchmarks is stupid. In practice, benchmarks 
are hardly representative of real applications (see e.g. client side 
Java with all its problems to scale an application, even though they 
can perform quite good in simple arithmetic benchmarks)

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