[fpc-pascal]Performance: Free Pascal vs GNU Pascal

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Sun Dec 29 17:07:33 CET 2002

>> Look at
>> http://dada.perl.it/shootout/
> Thank you for this VALUABLE reference.  Let me ask (if I may)...on
> matrix multiplication, which appears to be a pretty clean, simple
> algorithm, why do you suppose Microsoft C (vc, and also vc++) is more
> than three times faster than FPC?

The times 0.05 and 0.16 seconds also include startup code initialization.
You need to run the tests for at least 10 seconds to get representive

I guess that the optimizer of VC uses more register variables. Also CSE
and out-of-loop moving of 'static' values are not implemented in FPC.

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