[fpc-pascal]Performance: Free Pascal vs GNU Pascal

Mark Emerson mark at angelbase.com
Sun Dec 29 05:49:21 CET 2002

How fast is the code generated by FPC versus GPC?  Have there been any
benchmarks comparing FPC with GPC....especially on Windows...in other
words how well are these compilers optimizing?

I haven't written Pascal code in years...but the Borland compilers made
code that "screamed"....on those old platforms.  While I realize a
comparison might not be possible, how does FPC (and GPC) compare to the
old Borland style compilers?

Also, does anyone have a feeling of how the current Pascal optimizations
compare to the C compiler optimizations for various platforms?  In other
words, is there any merit to the claim I'ver heard that the fastest
compiled code comes from C compilers?

My questions are loosely structured, and perhaps naive...but nonetheless
important as I make a fundamental decision regarding my development
environment.  Any light on the subject would be appreciated.


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