[fpc-pascal]Error compiling the 1.0.7 compiler under win32

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Sat Dec 21 18:28:47 CET 2002

Peter Vreman wrote:

>>I updated the fpc 1.0.7 (cvs) today and tried to compile-it with
>>..\compiler\ make cycle OS_TARGET=win32
>>i get the following error:
>>Free Pascal Compiler version 1.0.6 [2002/04/23] for i386
>>Copyright (c) 1993-2002 by Florian Klaempfl
>>Target OS: Win32 for i386
>>Compiling keyboard.pp
>>keyboard.pp(264,3) Hint: Local const UNASSIGNED is not used
>>keyboard.pp(265,3) Hint: Local const KANJI is not used
>>keyboard.pp(266,3) Hint: Local const OEM_SPECIFIC is not used
>>1389 Lines compiled, 0.7 sec
the problem is here
it should be C:\BIN\CODE\FPC\BIN\WIN32\gecho.exe and not C:BINCODEFPCBINWIN32gecho.exe

>>C:BINCODEFPCBINWIN32gecho.exe: not found 
>>MAKE.EXE[1]: *** [fpcmade.w32] Error 127
>>MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory `D:/cvs/fpc/rtl/win32'
>>C:\BIN\CODE\FPC\BIN\WIN32\MAKE.EXE: *** [cycle] Error 2
>Which Windows version do you run? Try running 'make info' and check if all
>programs that are detected are correct
I'm running Win98 SE
The only strange tool was E:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe, all other were in the 
fpc bin dir
After i excluded the cygwin and  djgpp dirs from my path, the 
compilation  proceeded.
It looks that the cygwin/djgpp sh.exe was detecting 
 C:\BIN\CODE\FPC\BIN\WIN32\gecho.exe as C:BINCODEFPCBINWIN32gecho.exe

But, other error occurred:

MAKE.EXE[3]: Leaving directory `D:/cvs/fpc/compiler'
MAKE.EXE[2]: Leaving directory `D:/cvs/fpc/compiler'
C:/BIN/CODE/FPC/BIN/WIN32/cmp.exe -i138 ppc3.exe ppc386.exe
ppc3.exe ppc386.exe differ: char 940727, line 2560
MAKE.EXE[1]: *** [remake3] Error 1
MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory `D:/cvs/fpc/compiler'
C:\BIN\CODE\FPC\BIN\WIN32\MAKE.EXE: *** [cycle] Error 2

Can someone help me?

>>My bin dir is C:\BIN\CODE\FPC\BIN\WIN32\
>>It looks like the problem is in the makefile
>>By the way, how can i build the RTL with debug info?
> Add DEBUG=1 to the commandline when building

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