[fpc-pascal]Windows ShutDown Privilege

memsom at interalpha.co.uk memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Mon Dec 9 11:12:28 CET 2002

> I'm using Windows 2000 SP3 and I compiled under both Delphi and fpc.
> The function is due to be used under Windows 95/98 and Win2000 so I'd
> like to get the privileges sorted so I can shut either OS down.

The code I sent was compiled under Delphi 5 with all updates (the service pack 
plus the ADO and stuff like that, not that I expect the ADO to make much 

The code has been run on both NT4 with SP6a (IIRC) or SP5, and a hokey Win2k 
which probably has no SP's at all, or at most SP1 (the site I'm on only just 
uses Win2k!! Some users are stull on NT4.)

I have local admin rights on my machine... I've never tried it on a machine 
that has no admin rights, but as you mention, I thought that wouldn't make a 
> I've tried under administrator but this has made no difference. I was
> under the impression that application privileges are independent of
> the user logged in at the time?

Ditto (as stated above.)

> I'll dig out an old copy of Delphi and compile it just to be sure
> there has been no change in the API functions, though I did
> double-check online with MSDN and all looked OK.

Delphi 5 would be a good one to try. I can send you the project if you would 
find that easier, but it should build as is. There were no extra files other 
than the body of source I posted.
> Again, many thanks for all the suggestions and help so far.

NP. If it does work in Delphi, it could be a quirk of FPC. Or even, shock 
horror, a bug ;-P Then again, it could just be user permissions. I've no easy 
way of testing. I could send you my exe if that helps.. that way you'd know if 
my version fails without having to dig out Delphi.


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