[fpc-pascal]Exit status of compiler on errors

Tom Verhoeff wstomv at win.tue.nl
Fri Dec 6 09:07:58 CET 2002

We use FreePascal in our education, and I am working on some scripts
that help teachers to develop programming assignments for students.
These assignments are then entered in PEACH (Programming Education
And Contest Hosting system: peach.win.tue.nl), which automatically
evaluates submitted programs and archives all results.

It turns out that the FreePascal compiler also generates a 0 exit
status when there are (syntax) errors.  Is there any way in which
this can be changed?  My scripts would be considerably simpler if
the compiler generated a non-zero exit status when the compile is
not successful.

Any suggestions?  Have I overlooked the obvious?  The Linux man page
for fpc does not mention an exit status.

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