[fpc-pascal]profiling for win32

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Wed Dec 4 12:44:44 CET 2002

It'd be nice to get the win32 v11 snapshot fixed... but don't forget that
rasther than compiling by hand, you can also use snapshot_win32.zip
(compiler & rtl only on freepascal ftp site .../snapshot/, which compiles
fine...& was updated last night...

Regards John 

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>This morning I installed fpc 1.1.
>There I also got the same error as in 1.0.7.
>-: cannot find mcount.ow
>Does anybody know where I can find this file. It isn't part of mingw32

         The problem is that the win32 v1.1 snapshot has not been
updated in a while because of compile errors. You'd have to
compile the compiler by hand...

In all, cases, i will merge my fixes to profiling to fixes
branch tonight, so normally, if all goes well, the 1.0.7
snapshot of tomorrow should have full profile support
for Win32...

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