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> On dinsdag, augustus 20, 2002, at 08:37 , Peter H.M. Brooks wrote:
> > Why should either back end add limitations?
> Because e.g. Java doesn't know the concept of pointers, so you can't
> compile anything that uses pointers.
True, so code that is produced to run on the interpreter can't use them, but
that doesn't mean that it can't interact with code that does.
> > If the big attraction is to have it working on a MAC, then surely it
> > makes
> > more sense to port fpc to a MAC?
> It's Mac, not MAC (MAC = Media Access Control) :) And we are working on
> that. In fact, "hello world" for Linux/PPC (and hopefully, shortly
> thereafter also for Mac OS X) is nearing compilability!
Yes, sorry, it is Mac, as in Raincoat, I know.

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