Peter H.M. Brooks peter at new.co.za
Sat Aug 17 22:56:31 CEST 2002

I have read the previous discussion, last year, on the subject of sockets. I am familiar with sockets under UNIX.

What I need to do in the short term is quite simple. I want to set up a peer to peer UDP conversation between two machines, both of them windows 2000. Clearly it would be just as easy for one to be a UNIX box, once the protocol is working.

The problem I have is that I am using the simple socket example the previous discussion gave and I get a -1 from the connect. SocketError gives me no help as it returns a 0, suggesting it all worked.

Ultimately I would like to get sockets working for IPV6 between two cooperating processes - though actually this is one sub-goal to getting a proper conversation going with the SMTP port with MS Exchange tnef.

Has anybody got some working code that sets up an internet socket on one side, then exchanges messages (prefereably with UDP, though TCP is fine)? I am sure that this should be fairly simple, but the documentation is sparce in the extreme which makes it a little more of a challenge!

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