[fpc-pascal]Missing Win32 API Function -- Part 2

Michał Bartoszkiewicz embe at magma-net.pl
Fri Aug 9 00:20:51 CEST 2002

James_Wilson at i2.com <James_Wilson at i2.com> wrote:
> EnumPrinertsW is the unicode version of the function? I wasn't aware of
> that. I'll make this change.

If function has two versions then name of the Unicode version ends in "W"
(Wide) and name of the non-Unicode version ends in "A" (Ansi)

> I added this, but it didn't seem to make any difference. I also checked
> both the Win32 API Reference and the FPC docs, but there's not a whole lot
> of info on stdcall. What does it do?

API uses slightly different method for calling functions than FPC does,
so you need to tell the compiler that it has to generate special code.

> I checked the Win32 API Reference and the FPC docs for bools as well, but
> there's nothing mentioned. What's the difference between the two?

Boolean variables takes 1 byte and can contain one of two values - True or False
Bool variables take 4 bytes and can contain any 32-bit integer - 0 means
False, any other value means True.

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