[fpc-pascal]Getting disk label and serial numbers

Rolf Grunsky rgrunsky at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 8 20:44:19 CEST 2002

I am currently trying to write a catalog program for my archive CD-ROM's
and I can not find a working method of a) getting the volume label and
b) getting the serial number.

I am looking for a method that will work with both Win32 and OS/2.
FindFirst with the volumeid attribute does not work with Win32 (and I
know does not work with OS/2). I was a little surprised that there are
no functions to read this information in the sysutils unit since it
seems to be a common enough function. But I'm an old DOS programmer and
maybe I'm missing something. I could use the DOS functions (Int21) but I
really do want a native solution. In any case Win32 supports longer
volume label name on CD-ROM's than either DOS or OS/2 does. Any pointers
in the right direction would be appreciated.

And for a related project, where can I find a Pascal implementation of
the MD5 secure hash?

Many thanks

Rolf Grunsky

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