[fpc-pascal]Missing Win32 Function

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Aug 7 16:53:12 CEST 2002

> Okay, I've found another Win32 API function that's not supported by 1.0.6 
> -- EnumPrinters. According to the API Reference that function can give a 
> list of local and/or network printers connected to your computer. I found 
> it (well, I found EnumPrintersW) in the spoolss.dll file, so I just added 
> a function using eternal. My program compiles fine now but I get no output 
> on the display when I try to check the data returned by the function. I 
> can't even get a writeln to work!

I don't know if I mailed this before, but if you need Windows API's, you might
check out this link:

http://members.chello.nl/m.vanbrakel2/ (specially the win32api.zip)

I manage to get about 95-99% compiled of the above (>7 MB) winapi headers using
the 1.1 compiler.

I use this specially at my parttime work (w2k sysadmin) to implement special

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