[fpc-pascal]Interface-only units (was: shared libraries interface)

Nikolai Zhubr s001 at hotbox.ru
Fri Aug 2 01:14:55 CEST 2002

Thursday, 01 August, 2002, 22:54:23, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> Great!
>> Could you give some refs so that I could find out how this will
>> probably look like?
> The {&PureInt+} directive forces the compiler to ignore undefined
> forward references to procedures, functions and methods and assume
> that they are implemented in the original version of the unit, in the
> form of a .OBJ or .LIB file. No object file or library is generated

Ok. Then would it make much difference to resolve them to a shared
library instead of a static one (Optionally)?
Best regards,
 Nikolai Zhubr

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