Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Fri Apr 26 19:14:23 CEST 2002

Not sure why you say CVS snapshots are messy...or exactly what you mean. On
ftp site & mirrors /fpc/snapshot/v10 you'll find all of the 1.0.6 snapshots.
They'll be marked v1.0.5 or v1.0.6 beta which seems to me to be pretty
clear. For some o/s they are updated every day... so the ones from week or
so ago are v close to the 1.0.6 release...If you'd tried one of the
comp;ilers you'd find they are clearly marked with date and v1.0.5 or v1.0.6

btw the previous email said that a pre release v1.0.6 was available - the
fpc team try to ensure as few problems as possible with releases- the real
v1.0.6 is mostly in /fpc/dist now and will be officially released this w/e
or during next week at the latest. For QNX it'll be a beta release - I've
just seen a email from Carl suggesting it's more or less ready...

hth John     

you wrote...
I`m a bit lost what the new release is. According to the news 1.0.6 will be
released soon , but that was Sept. 2001. The CVS snapshots etc seem a bit
messy, that is it`s not clear what version they are, except for the 1.1 one
which I guess isn`t very stable.

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