About Licenses - Was : Re: [fpc-pascal]QT libs

Christophe cespern at free.fr
Wed Apr 17 20:01:38 CEST 2002

Hello Matt

>As far as binding the users to the GPL, who cares?  Besides, they would
only be bound to it if they develop with QT.  If they don't like the GPL
then they can either make a new lib for it that isn't bound under GPL -or-
they can simply use GTK.

I've written an answer to your question because I care about that. The first
answer was short but you know what it is. Suddenly you realize you wrote
more than 50 lines. So instead of using hard disk of others I've built a
simple HTML page with the answer. It explains why I'm not for a systematic
use of the GPL. Feel free to comment. Maybe here even if it is not maybe the
better place. Moderators ?

About licenses : http://www.tekool.com/droit/aboutlicenses.htm

Have a nice day


PS : I'm french so my english is bad.

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