[fpc-pascal]QT libs

Christophe cespern at free.fr
Wed Apr 17 00:16:40 CEST 2002


I'm Christophe a french Object Pascal developper.

I'm writing a wrapper for Sablotron named Sablopas. I've just
release the 0.5. The current version compiles with Free Pascal
for Windows, Kylix and Delphi. Sablopas is Open Source.


I'm currently porting to Free Pascal for Linux. I can compile, link
libraries and run the demo but only in a strange way :

1/ I use the -Xt switch and I don't know what it is. I've forgot
where I've found it. It is the only way for linker to link Sablotron
and Expat.

2/ My executable is now 1.2Mb . Under Windows it's 90Kb.

Configuration used :

I've used declarations like : procedure procname;cdecl; external SAB_LIB;

I've declared dlopen and dlclose the same way. I use them to load and unload
Expat in the initialization / finalization sections of the first unit load.

I use the {$LINKLIB} directive for Expat and the c library.

I'm a newbie in loading libraries with FPC under Linux. I haven't found a
libc unit like in the CLX. I can provide the Sablopas 0.6 beta if need.



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