[fpc-pascal]Errors in your FAQ?

Andreas K. Foerster Andreas at AKFoerster.de
Sun Apr 14 10:40:46 CEST 2002


I'm just reading your new FAQ and I think that there are some things,
that stay unclear.

- 1.4 
You wrote something about a "modified [...] LGPL" (the following is
also unclear). But on the main page you wrote "modified GPL".

You wrote "It is therefore possible to create commercial
software [...]". This suggests, that this is what the modification
sais. But the GPL and the LGPL both permit creation of commercial
Did you perhaps mean "proprietary software"?
Or you could also write "ClosedSource software" which makes it even
more clear.

BTW. why modifying the LGPL? What about putting the RTL under a BSD

- 6.1
You wrote, that apps are running under "Linux: Kernel v1.x or later".
But when I compile an app, it's in ELF format. ELF officially first
enterd the stable versions in Linux 2.0.0.
Did you perhaps mean v1.1.x?

- 1.17
- UPX ist also for linux, but the binutils have problems with
such applications. 
- You can perhaps better use "gzexe" to compress runnable apps. Gzexe
is normally shipped with any Linux, FreeBSD, HURD and perhaps lots of
other Unix-like systems. Gzexe has the drawback, that it needs some
Unix commands to be on the right place in the path - so you should not
use it for releasing apps.

- 2.9
Syslinux: you should metion, that this has nothing to do with the
bootloader of the same name.


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