[fpc-pascal]Version 1.0.6 Prerelease is out !

Full_Name memsom at post.interalpha.co.uk
Tue Apr 2 16:38:18 CEST 2002

Quoting Kanzelsberger Pavel <kanzelsberger at rekt.umb.sk>:

> Hi,
> I just tested BeOS version of FPC 1.0.6 and it rocks! But I also tried
> to compile library and I'm missing dllprt0.o and func.o files for BeOS.
> Can someone of FPC developers provide me with these (or .as) files?

I'll have a look tonight, I only have Dano here.

> Oh, another question is... is there libdl.so (Linux) equivalent in BeOS?
> Or how to load dynamically .so library in BeOS?

Compiling Shared Libs under FPC on BeOS?? I've only ever linked to Libs under 
FPC. That works well.

We're not really ready to announce this, but libbegui is kind of working now. 
It's a C Wrapper to the BeOS API, and there's a (tested) Pascal import that 
works under FPC1.06.

Take a look at http://sf.net/projects/befpc and our CVS repository. I uploaded 
a binary distro, but I forget the file name and have no way of accessing it 
from here.



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