[fpc-pascal]How-To compile the source

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Mon Sep 24 14:40:48 CEST 2001

there is some stuff in the new docn (NB just produced at the week -end),
prog ref manual, from ftp site, \docs\doc-html.zip about making compiler &
rtl yourself...so that may help... 

Unless you _really_ need to modify the sources (& then compile the sources),
it's probably best to use the snapshots, produced daily/ or very frequently
- that's why we do them to prevent the need for having to do it yourself!
These are available for go32, win32, linux, for both v1.0 (the released
version) & v1.1 (the devel version) from the www.freepasscal  site (under
development or something similar) or directly from ftp site /snapshots
directory of freepascal.org or its mirrors. There are also, fyi, some
versions under devel at the moment eg for m68k, netbsd, unix, & many more. 

Good luck...


On vrijdag, september 21, 2001, at 04:00 , Neilson Antônio Henriques 

>     Do exist some "how-to" compile the sources ??

No, there is no how-to (there is a "make cycle faq" somewhere I believe 
however). However, if you've got the compiler and the rtl sources 
untarred in a directory, go in the compiler directory and type

make cycle RELEASE=1
make install

to compile and install the compiler/rtl. You will need a prior binary 
installation of FPC on your system (since it doesn't bootstrap using gcc)


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