[fpc-pascal]The compiler messes up some pointers.

yendor at nic.fi yendor at nic.fi
Sat Sep 22 18:55:30 CEST 2001

I have a problem where FPC modifies a pointer without me instructing it 
to do so.
With stucture :
  PAnsiString = ^AnsiString;
  PPAnsiString = ^PAnsiString;

  RowAP : ^PPAnsiString;

I first create two rows (that are the ansistrings in a pointer of array of 
pointer of ansistring structure) and set some data into them. After that I 
add one row between these two and initialize it with exactly these rows :

  GetMem(RowAP^[1], SizeOf(AnsiString));
  RowAP^[1]^ := 'a';

The program outputs two lines that are : "4284808" and "4284807" (the 
values differ of course, but not the difference) which isn't right. I can't 
reproduce this in other programs (haven't tried very extensively) but I 
don't think that I could ever mess up my program to produce this kind of 
If you want, I can send you the full source code of my program if 

  - Eero Tanskanen

Ilmainen Internet @ http://www.nic.fi/

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