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sleep(n) (n is in msec) in win32, special delay functions (I can send you
code) under dos under win9x, dunno about linux, unix, m68k...BTW it's always
a good idea to say which o/s you are running on - remember fpc runs on all
sorts of platforms & o/ss... J

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Hi Everyone,

hope you can help me with my question...

I'd like to have several instances of my program running at the same time,
working apart from one another.

The problem is, every instance takes 99.8 % CPU time, so only the first
instance is running, then the second, and so on.
In Java I would define the program as thread and let the thread sleep at
certain points in execution, so that the other instances can take their

any ideas how I could handle this behavior with fpc?

many thanx in advance,


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