[fpc-pascal]Detecting (sym)link in fpc/Linux

Mirek Novak mirek.novak at auto.cz
Wed Sep 5 16:46:19 CEST 2001


in fpc unit linux there are defined 'POSIX macros' (as said in 'man fstat')
for checking filetype
what U need is 'S_ISLNK()' see units.pdf


Cor Slot píše:

> Hi
> How can see if a file is a link on a linux filesystem?
> I'm trying to create a routine that recursively scans the filesystem
> with findfirst, findnext, findclose. For each file I use fstat to get
> info about the file.
> When the program encounters a link to a directory it recurses into that
> directory. When the link points to the same directory as the link is in
> this gives an endless loop.
> With the data I have from searchrec and stat, how can I determine that
> the current file is a link? Or do I need another function to do that?
> Thanx!
> Cheers,
> Cor.
> cslot at xs4all.nl
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