[fpc-pascal]FPC + GCC... Again :-)

nofxer at matrix.com.br nofxer at matrix.com.br
Mon Sep 3 20:11:26 CEST 2001

Hi friends :-)

I getting some problems while trying to link both together.

I guess this time the problem is with my gcc. By the way, anybody knows where can I find a good list on this compiler?

But please, only once more :-)
I'm trying to write some functions in C that will "talk" to my serial port and provide a high level interface to a program write in freepascal. I've already solved the problems with variable and function export/inport (thank you all for that ;-)

My problem is with the C function open(), when I link my source only with gcc it works but whem I try to link it with fpc and run the program it always returns a NULL file descriptor. I guess the problem could be with the linklib directive... maybe the open function is not inside the libc ({$linklib c}) ... but if not , where can I find it?

Or maybe I'm on the wrong way... please, can you tell me whats wrogn?


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