[fpc-pascal]'Little' problem with sockets

Cabuzel Thierry Thierry.Cabuzel at gial.be
Wed Oct 17 14:17:14 CEST 2001

I try to use sockets under windows, but I encounter some difficulties and i
didn't fount what is my error :(

When I start the program, the socket is well created and he accept his first
connection and send back what I want from him. But, when the second
connection come, the accept is not done. And if i try to open another
connection during this lock, I have a runtime 216 error...

You can find the source of my test program attached to this mail.
I try to use the mod_lisp apache module in this example. Don't take panic
with is name. It is just a text protocol to transfer CGI informations thru a
socket and not by the command line (Faster CGI with a server constantly
running :))

Thierry Cabuzel

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