[fpc-pascal]directory tree in memory

Ivan Montes senbei at terra.es
Tue Oct 16 12:45:13 CEST 2001

> Use a TStringList object instead of a Tlist.
> Store the name in the string, and in the Object, store
> TMyFileObject
>   Into : TFileInfo;
>   Sub : TStringList;
> end;
> If the stringlist object is sorted (Sorted:=True) then any search will use
a binary search,
> thus speeding up the search quite a lot.

fist thanks to everybody who've answered me,

And now following Michael's advice I'm using tStringList but I found that
the property CaseSensitive is not declared in the class.
I downloaded the FCL source some days ago so maybe it's fixed already.

bye, Ivan
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