AW: AW: [fpc-pascal]Create an OCX with FreePascal

Dirk Mattes Dirk.Mattes at
Thu Oct 11 18:56:08 CEST 2001

 > You can create OCX-Controls (as far as i know) with every version of
> > Delphi since 2.0, so:
> Yes and no. Delphi 2.0 implemented OLE Automation in a weird 
> and now legacy 
> fashion. It used another section in the visibility labels/sections 
> called 'Automated'. I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole 
> (i.e. it is not very 
> good.) It'll be hard to find anyone who still uses this 
> technique these days. 
> D2 is a bit of a turkey, all in all.
> > 1.) Try to get an old version at ebay for few bucks or (Delphi 3
> > Standard ~ $15, Delphi 3 C/S ~ $200).
> You will need Professional or Client/Server (aka Enterprise) 
> as no version of 
> Delphi below pro will create ActiveX controls or allow you to 
> import type libs 
> etc. IIRC you don't even get the dcu's for the Units relating to this 
> functionality.
> > 2.) Try to get Borland Delphi 6.0 Personal Edition. It's free for
> > non-commercial use 
> The personal edition does not allow commercial software 
> development. There's no 
> point in Thierry downloading it if he wants to do so.
> > I don't know, if there's something missing in Personal 
> Edition of Delphi other
> > than the sources of VCL (i heard some rumours about the 
> help files, but
> > I am not sure).
> Yes, most of the functionality you are suggesting he uses. 
> You can not create 
> ActiveX components or do OLEAutomation with the Personal 
> edition. Else what 
> reason wold we have to *pay* for the Developer editions?
> Further to your later email Dirk: No the Personal edition is 
> free for personal 
> use (after you register for free online.) If you pay Borland 
> $99 you get a 
> certain amount of support and CD/manuals. If you download it, 
> you have no 
> CD/manuals and you're 'on your own' support wise.
> You may be getting confused with the Enterprise Trial. You 
> can download this 
> (~60mb d/l though.) You can then register for a 60 day trial.

Thanks for your advice, Matt. As i wrote, i don't know much about the
Personal Edition (and would'nt use it myself, if you ask me). Since I
first used Delphi i was using the Prof./Enterprise.

So, Thierry, try to get an old version of Delphi (3-5,
Prof.-Enterprise-C/S))somewhere. I have seen many of them at ebay at
very low price: Delphi 5 Enterprise = $300 - Delphi 4 Prof. = $50 -
Delphi 3 c/s = $80 - Delphi 3 Prof. = $50. And all of them can compile

But, like Matt said, be cautious with Standard Editions.

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