[fpc-pascal]turbo pascal 7.0 need help writing program

tristab777 at aol.com tristab777 at aol.com
Sat Oct 6 04:07:36 CEST 2001

I have been trying to write this program for pascal class.I ran the program 
but it will
not work.Here are the instructions:prepare an invoice for the sales for each 
Your input will contain the following to be entered from the keyboard, 
customer number(5 numeric digits), customer name (string),  item number (3 
numeric), item
description, (string), price (real),quanity (integer) . The output should 
look like this:

cust#     name item#     description    quanity unit price   total
detail lines here
          total =
             tax =
  total invoice=
cannot create files or records use loops and repeat until . Instructer did 
not give a file.
use the for loop to print the items. Enter at least 2 customers with more 
than 1 item
per customer.Print the output on paper. Tax will be 10% of total.
If someone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Email 
address is
tristab777 at aol.com 
               thank you, 
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