[fpc-pascal]fpc pascal still alive?

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Thu Nov 29 13:45:44 CET 2001

We don't zip everything into one big file for snapshots, but you can get all
of the binaries in a few zip files eg basexx,idexx & a few other files
(xx=go32 or w32) from the /snapshot directory of the freepascal.org ftp
site, (either the v11 versions, or the v10 versions (in a separate
directory. The snapshot files contain everything that's in a release...
(they are produced by the same make process.

You can also get the sources in fpc.zip or fpc10.zip (quite big files) from
/source... The v10 stuff is the fixed v1.0.4 which will be the next fix
release v1.0.6, the v11 stuff is for the next release eg v1.1 which of
course has new extra functionality... IMO the snapshots are worth trying,
especially if there are specific things in v1.0.4 that don't work for

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Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal]fpc pascal still alive?

Florian Klaempfl a écrit :
> At 10:33 27.11.01 +0100, you wrote:
> >i seem that there is no new version of fpc-pascal for a long time.
> The 1.0.4 release was quite stable and most work was done in the
> development branch and because the use of snapshots (which are
> very stable as well) is quite easy we didn't prepare a new release yet.
> >any schedule?
> Nothing particular, but we're still fixing bugs and then
> we'll start preparing a release.

for most people who look at the main page of the site
seeing 1.04 for almost a year can have the same idea than me.
i prefer to download the full version dos and windows version
with sources in one big file.
i think i will wait the new release unless 
there exist the same file in snapshoot version.

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