[fpc-pascal]fpc pascal still alive?

Franck Pissotte franck.pissotte at free.fr
Thu Nov 29 12:40:12 CET 2001

Florian Klaempfl a écrit :
> At 10:33 27.11.01 +0100, you wrote:
> >i seem that there is no new version of fpc-pascal for a long time.
> The 1.0.4 release was quite stable and most work was done in the
> development branch and because the use of snapshots (which are
> very stable as well) is quite easy we didn't prepare a new release yet.
> >any schedule?
> Nothing particular, but we're still fixing bugs and then
> we'll start preparing a release.

for most people who look at the main page of the site
seeing 1.04 for almost a year can have the same idea than me.
i prefer to download the full version dos and windows version
with sources in one big file.
i think i will wait the new release unless 
there exist the same file in snapshoot version.

http://www.pascaland.org/ compilateurs, sources et liens langage pascal, delphi

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