[fpc-pascal]Temporary file names under GO32

Aitor Santamaria Merino aitor.sm at wanadoo.es
Mon Nov 26 00:11:14 CET 2001

Ok, as I started the thread, here we go with a home-made one. It 
produces dull names formed by letters (not neccessarily filenames), 
which are unique UP TO a second of difference... I would have to modify 
it, as if one needed to produce several TEMP files at once, it would be 
a problem:

FUNCTION GetTempName: string;
      a4 = array[1..4] of byte;
    dw,s100: word;
    td   : datetime;
    pack : longint;
    name : string;
    i    : byte;
      getdate (td.year,td.month,td.day,dw);
      gettime (td.hour,td.min,td.sec,s100);
      packtime (td, pack);
      name := '';
      for i:=1 to 8 do
         if (i mod 8)=1
             then name := name + chr (ord('A')+ (a4(pack)[((i-1) div 2) 
+1] and 15))
             else name := name + chr (ord('A')+ (a4(pack)[((i-1) div 2) 
+1] >> 4));
      GetTempName := name

WAIT, WAIT!! it compiles and seems to work??? ONE QUESTION: if you look 
carefully, you'll see that a C operator has slipped in (sorry): >>
Does it mean that this operator is accepted in FPK as well? Anyway, I 
will change it to SHR...


Ralf A. Quint wrote:

> At 12:34 PM 11/25/2001, you wrote:
>> Hola,
>> >Has anyone ever written a function to get a temporary unique file name?
>> In Windows there're GetTempFileName and GetTempFileName32.
>> For Linux, a hint: I heard that Borland had used somebody else's
>> algorithm to implement GUIDs. Implementation could be in FreeCLX.
> Well, Nico, that all doesn't help Aitor at all, as you can see in the 
> subject, he is asking for a solution for the GO32 version of the 
> compiler, so neither your hint for Windows or Linux apply here..... :-(((
> Ralf
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