[fpc-pascal]mysql on windows

Jeff Patterson pars at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu May 31 00:01:05 CEST 2001

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Subject: [fpc-pascal]mysql on windows

> I have the Windows version of MySQL installed but cannot link the
testdb.pp example suplied with fpc-1.0.4 for
> Windows. I tells it cannot find -lmysqlclient...
> My ppc396.cfg is points to the lib directory of my Mysql installation.
Using the debuging options from ppc386 and
> ldw I could find it is looking for libmysqlclient.a and not
mysqlclient.lib as suplied with mysql. I tried creating a copy
> using the name expected by the linker, and now it complains it cannot
find -lm. :-(

There is supposed to be a DLL called libmysql.dll that should probably be
copied from the MySQL installation to the Windows System directory.   Oddly
though, not all distribution packages of MySQL for Windows has this DLL
included.  I managed to get the DLL from an older distribution of MySQL and
it seems to work fine with the current version.

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