Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue May 15 10:45:13 CEST 2001

> > Hello!
> > I have a big question.
> > When come out the 1.0.5 Release?
> > (I want to use thread, I hope the new release constaint this :)))))
> > (I try to use the pthread unit but it crashed on the FreeBSD 4.3)
> 1.0.5 is the development version, the next release will be called 1.0.6. This release will
> only contain fixes and no new features. So no thread support. 
> Thread support is planned for 1.2, but still needs some decisions how we are going to
> implement and distribute it.

A snapshot for 1.0.5 is downloadable from the FTP site. Contrary to the
other platforms, for FreeBSD it is advised to use the snapshot over the
release version.

The pthread unit from the contributed webpage was never tested with FreeBSD,
but when you do it, don't forget to install the LinuxThreads port, since
pthreads probably interfaces to THAT package, not to FreeBSD kernel based

Moreover I ported the Linux emulator code of the Linux CLONE function to
FPC, and it is supplied as linux.clone (unit linux, function clone). This
because the FCL threading is based on it.
This however hasn't been tested well.

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