[fpc-pascal]RE: filemode info for fpc docn - was w2000 file o

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Subject:        	RE: [fpc-pascal]RE: filemode info for fpc docn - was w2000 file o
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> > I was trying to suggest a new way that is o/s independent...
> The current way is o/s independent! So i don't see why a new way
> should be created. It'll make things only more incompatible and
> complex.

 It isn't fully OS independent, in fact, because FileMode constants 
don't have the same meaning on all supported platforms. The trouble 
John is having is probably caused by the fact that DOS with SHARE.EXE 
loaded (which is simulated by all VDMs) uses sharing mode of 0 (i.e. 
none sharing mode specified) as the so-called "compatibility mode" 
with basically the same behaviour as "deny none", whereas you have to 
use a specific (different) sharing mode number on other targets 
(including Win32 and OS/2) for this. We could probably add a 
workaround for this to do_open, the question is, whether we want to 
do so (it would break compatibility with previous releases, among 
other things).


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