[fpc-pascal]RE: filemode info for fpc docn - was w2000 file opening

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Fri May 11 14:13:35 CEST 2001

> It'd be best if we could have something that's o/s independent... but I
> accept, based on the comments, that this might be difficult (see my 0.001
> euro worth below). Until we can do this tho' my main reason for raising this
> is to simply document what the choices are for each o/s...& I guess that
> isn't too difficult.
> Maybe instead of trying to adapt things we could just have a normal open (0
> as at present) and a 'try to open whatever eg whether file locked or not'
> value eg as another variable say called, say, force_open, (eg 1) which are
> same value for all o/s & wouldtherefore be portable...Eg for win32 this
> could translate to the current filemode vals of 0 and $40, for linux
> whatever. If users want more sophisticated behaviour we'd tell users to use
> the appropriate o/s dependent filemode values directly...

Why do we need a new way?  The current filemode values all support opening modes

The only missing thing for easier accessing are the fm<Mode> constants in the system unit.
I don't have tp here so i can't check the tp7 rtl for it. For delphi/kylix they are
defined in Sysutils

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