[fpc-pascal]dos approx delay fn that releases cpu

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Wed May 9 12:40:14 CEST 2001

100% right Thomas, I know about sleep etc for win32, but want simliar fpc
dos routine that'll work for w9x, NT & w2000. For reasons  won't go into
here (but related to file opening difficulties for locked files in fpc
win32) I can't use a win32 fpc program! 

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> > interupts and doing a dos idle in between (believe that releases cpu in
> > NT/w2000???).  Anyone know exactly the code for that would look...?
>NT (and 2000) have a function specifically for this purpose,
>WaitForSingleObject (Sleep is also available but GUI programs should avoid
>using Sleep). This function returns if either the object is waits for
>becomes signaled or the timeout interval elapses. We can simply use our own

Imho John is in search of a cpu-releasing delay routine which works for
GO32V2 programs in a NT VDM.


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