Full_Name memsom at post.interalpha.co.uk
Tue May 8 17:34:28 CEST 2001

Has anybody developing the FPC compiler given FreeCLX any thought??

FreeCLX is the GPL'd portion of the CLX that comes with Kylix and will come 
with Delphi 6. 

As Kylix rocks, and is Delphi language compatible, can we assume that FPC will 
compile and run against FreeCLX?? Is anyone thinking/working on this?? I figure 
it should be pretty easy, appart from the slight dialectual differences between 
FPC and Delphi/Kylix.

Take a look at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeclx/

Nothing to download yet, but afaik this will be the 'hub' for the FreeCLX.

I don't have the Linux version of FPC downloaded, otherwise I'd try it ;) (not 
enough of a masochist to try porting to windows!!)

The LCL/FCL status seems to be slow,. and FreeCLX is already theoretically a 
fully tested product - release quality.

Just thought that Lazarus could do with a kick up the arse (joke!! no flames 
please!!) Having used Kylix for the last few months (yes beta) I can say it 
currently kick Lazarus/fpc's collective Linux butt :P


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